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​​​Guidelines Approved by the Governor's Advisory Council

The Governor’s Advisory Council on Library Development (GAC) advises and makes recommendations to the Governor, the Secretary of Education, and the Deputy Secretary for Libraries regarding the general policies and operations of the State library and the State System of aid to libraries. It also promulgates rules and regulations for the approval of approval of plans for the use of State funds and for the process and procedure to appeal funding and eligibility decisions. Additional responsibilities are outlined in the Public Library Code (24 PA.C.S. Education § 9312).

The GAC also develops guidelines to provide libraries with procedures for implementing laws, regulations, and official statements of policy:

  1. Guidelines for Libraries Seeking to Expand or Reduce Service Areas 2023 (PDF)
  2. Guidelines for Hours Open Standard 2010 - Currently under review
  3. Guidelines for Negotiating Agreements for District Library Center Services 2017 (PDF)
  4. Guidelines for Statewide Library Card System 2019
  5. Continuing Education Guidelines for Public Library Staff 2021
  6. Guidelines for Library Services for Older Pennsylvanians 2012 (PDF)
  7. Guidelines for Pennsylvania School Library Programs 2019 (PDF)
  8. Guidelines for the Distribution of State Aid by PA Public Library Systems 2010 (PDF)
  9. Interlibrary Loan Guidelines 2019 (PDF)
  10. Interlibrary Loan Manual (2011) (PDF)