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State Aid to Public Libraries

State aid, also known as the Public Library Subsidy, is paid to public libraries that meet standards found in the Public Library Code (24 PA. C.S. Education. Chapter 93) and the Pennsylvania Code (22 PA Code § 131; § 141.)

The state aid formula (Public Library Code §9334 – 9340) has not been in use since 2003 when significant state budget cuts occurred.  As a result, laws are enacted each year that detail how state aid is distributed (for example the  Public School Code of 1949. Article XXIII. Funding for Public Libraries § 2318 contains distribution instructions for FY 2011-2012 or § 2323 contains distribution instructions for FY 2019-2020.)   

Payment Distribution Information

During each state fiscal year (July – June):

  • District Library Centers are paid in August; and
  • Local libraries, library systems, and statewide library resource centers are paid in January/February.

State Aid Calendar - 2022/2023Fiscal Year

See below for the general timeframe in which libraries can expect to be able to enter and submit reports and data that are part of the state aid process.  Specific open and due dates will be released to libraries when known.

District Library Center report open – July 2022
District Library Center report due – August 2022
County Coordination Plans open – August 2022
County Coordination Plans due – September 2022
Audits due - October 1, 2022
Application/Plans for the Use of State Aid open – October 2022
Application/Plans for the Use of State Aid due – November 2022
Public Libraries Survey (Annual Report) open – January 2023
District negotiation documents and instructions sent – February 2023
Public Libraries Survey (Annual Report) due – March 2023
District negotiation documents due – June 2023

Report Bank Account Changes

State aid is paid annually to libraries via direct deposit.  Libraries must be sure that the state has up-to-date bank account information before payments are made. 

Library bank account changes and updates are made through the state's Payable Services Center.


Each year the Office of Commonwealth Libraries compiles public library statistics based on data that's submitted via the Pennsylvania Public Library Data Collection.

This information is used to determine eligibility for state aid to public libraries. In addition, this information is submitted to the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services national data collection program for public libraries.

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