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Sign Up for eSignatures

Before applying for a Keystone Grant for Public Library Facilities, organizations should decide if they want to use e-signatures in the  eGrants system. The use of eSignatures is voluntary. 

eSignatures streamline the Keystone contract signing process by not requiring you to manually sign and mail in the grant agreement.  Instead, authorized individuals sign documents electronically in eGrants and submit them online.  This makes the Commonwealth's contracting process faster while reducing copying and postage costs.

Should your application be successful, the Keystone contract document will require two authorized signatures from the Municipality. (No signatures will be required from the Library, as the Contract will be between the Municipality and the Commonwealth). You must follow the eSignature request process below for each person who will be authorized to sign.

If your organization does not want to use eSignatures, you will be able to print, manually sign, and mail any grant-related documents which require a signature. 

Sign Up Before You Submit an Application

Before using eSignatures, your organization must:

  1. Have an eGrants Agency User Administrator account; and
  2. Sign-up for eSignatures before submitting a Keystone grant application.

How to Sign Up

  1. Ask your board of directors to adopt the required eGrants eSignature Resolution. The resolution identifies and authorizes the municipal official to sign electronic documents on eGrants on behalf of that body. Remember, the resolution must be adopted as is and processed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) before you can submit a grant application: Instructions for eSignature Resolution
  2. The eGrants eSignature Resolution (PDF) must be:
    • Completed and adopted as it is written
    • Signed by the appropriate board officers in blue ink
    • Attested to by the governing body's secretary; and
    • Signed by the authorized representative in blue ink
  3. Submit resolutions with real signatures. General steps are:
    • Save the completed Resolution to your PC
    • Print a hardcopy
    • Sign by hand (in blue ink)
    • Scan completed document into PC
    • Email completed Resolution to:
      As always, please be sure to retain items in your "Sent" folder in your e-mail system as a reference and confirmation for yourself that your Resolution has been submitted.
  4. Update or create a user profile for the authorized signer in eGrants. Remember, the authorized signer's user profile must already exist for PDE to complete the eSignature process.

If you have any questions about eSignatures, contact the Bureau of Management Services at