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​​Library Access

Library Access budget line within the state budget provides support to several critical components to library service in Pennsylvania – POWER Library and Interlibrary Delivery Service. The State Library administers these funds.

The Interlibrary Delivery Service of Pennsylvania (IDS) provides a cost effective and efficient delivery service linking all types of libraries who pay membership fees to support timely resource sharing throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

POWER Library is an online portal to statewide library services. Pennsylvanians can:

  • Browse a statewide catalog of library resources that libraries can request borrow on patron behalf via interlibrary loan.
  • Search subscription and conduct research in online electro​nic resources including ebooks and journal articles in databases. Ask a librarian for help finding answers or information via Ch​at ​with a Librarian a ​24/7 live Chat reference service.​