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Manage a Grant

Send your grant questions and all copies of reports to  Be sure to review the information below about managing your grant:

Grant Management Webinars

These webinars address aspects of successful grant management.  Topics covered include grant intent, important dates, reporting, modifying grants, fund restrictions, expectations, and grant reimbursements.

Local Library Grants

Statewide Library Services Grants

  • 2018-19 Statewide Library Services Grant Management Webinar (PDF)

Fiscal Agent Grants

Required Surveys

Some grant-funded activities (Instruction, Content, or Planning and Evaluation) may require you to conduct surveys.

When required, surveys may be conducted electronically or via paper.

Surveys must also:

  • Include questions provided by the Office of Commonwealth Libraries (you may add more questions); and
  • Be summarized and reported as part of your LSTA report.

Use the grid below to obtain the required survey questions and survey tally template.

​Activity​Beneficiary ​

​Library Workforce
​General Public
Instruction Survey & Tally
​Yes, if mode is Program

​Yes, if mode is Program
Content Survey & Tally (PDF)
Yes, if mode is Acquisition or Creation​No
Planning and Evaluation Survey & Tally (PDF)

Allowable Costs and Equipment Purchases

Get Reimbursed for Your Expenditures

Local library and statewide library service grants are paid on a reimbursement basis only.  Once your reimbursement request is received, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania reimburses your organization about month from the date your request is approved.

Revise Your Project Budget

You must have prior written approval for all budget revisions if the amount of money to be re-allocated is greater than 10% of the total award. You must provide evidence that the scope of the project has not changed. 

Budget revision requests must be received by May 31.