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Guidelines for Library Services and Technology Act Grant Implementation

General Responsibilities

  • The grantee shall maintain separate accounting records that will show and distinguish among income and expenditures of federal, state and local funds in each year of the project.
  • If the grantee employs any subcontractor to execute any part of this agreement, the subcontractor shall be informed of and agree to the Office of Commonwealth Libraries’ (OCL) copyright claims.
  • The grantee shall expend/obligate all project funds by the termination date of the agreement.  LSTA funds cannot be used for any portion of costs (e.g. subscriptions, service contracts) that are accessed after the grant term ends.
  • OCL will provide a professional staff member who will review the progress being made on the project and will consult with such person or persons as are designated by the grantee for each aspect of the project.
  • The grantee shall provide all the services set forth in its project application which is on file at OCL.
  • If the project calls for a consultant or other contractual services, the grantee shall use a competitive request for proposal (RFP) process to select the consultant. OCL reserves the right to participate in the selection process and to approve the final selection of the consultant or subcontractor.
  • If the project includes equipment priced at $5,000 or more, prior approval is required. Approval is requested with the Equipment Request for Approval form (PDF).
  • The grantee must include an acknowledgment of IMLS support in all grant products, publications, and websites developed with LSTA funding. Acknowledgment should include the credit line, found on Appendix A of the contract, and the IMLS logo, where space permits.


  • Payments will be issued as detailed in the grant agreement.
  • The final payment will be suspended for the following reasons:
    • The Final LSTA Narrative and the Financial Reports are not received by the due date. (See Appendix C of the contract for a list of due dates).
    • It is determined the project is not being implemented in accordance with the application and the agreement.
    • The Financial Report shows excess cash on hand or a negative amount within a line item.


  • The intent of the Cash Management Improvement Act is to assure that funds are expended promptly to minimize the time that elapses between receipt of funds and their disbursement.
  • Grant funds are to be held in a non-interest bearing bank account, or one that does not allow more than $100 in interest to accrue.

Budget Revisions

  • The grantee is permitted to re-budget within the approved direct cost budget in accordance with CFR 45. Budget revision requests are submitted to the LSTA unit for approval on the Budget Revision Request form (PDF).
  • Approvals for budget revisions are required. The percentage of changes will be based on the original budget total. An explanation of the changes should include evidence that the scope of the project has not changed. If the total change is more than 10%, an amendment to the contract is required.
  • The grantee shall prepare and submit LSTA Narrative and Financial Reports to the LSTA unit. Reports must be emailed to
  • The final payment will be released after the OCL staff has reviewed the Final LSTA Narrative and Financial Reports.
  • The grantee shall prepare and submit Final Narrative Report including supporting documents and the Final Financial Report to The originally signed Final Financial Report should be mailed to:

    Pennsylvania Department of Education
    Office of Commonwealth Libraries
    Attn: LSTA
    333 Market Street, 14th Floor
    Harrisburg, PA 17126

Unexpended Funds

  • After termination of this agreement, unexpended or unobligated funds shall be returned by check made payable to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and sent to the LSTA unit at the above address.
  • The check must accompany the final financial report.

Single Audit

  • Grant recipients may be subject to the provisions of the Single Audit Act of 1994 as amended, and OMB Uniform Guidance: Cost Principles, Audit, and Administrative Requirements for Federal Awards, Subpart F – Audit Requirements.
  • Grant recipients need not have a separate audit done for LSTA projects but shall include LSTA funds received in their routine audits. If the grant recipient is subject to the requirements of the Single Audit Act, the grant funds should be audited as part of the institution’s own audit.
  • Subpart F – Audit Requirements of this Part is issued pursuant to the Single Audit Act Amendments of 1996. Subpart F has made the audit threshold $750,000. Entities receiving less than $750,000 of federal funds are not required to submit a single audit or a program-specific audit.