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Contract for a Grant

Before the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania executes a grant contract, you must be registered and maintain the currency of your organization’s information in the federal System for Award Management (

In addition, the following information is collected:

About Registration

Federal sub-awardees must maintain the currency of their information (which includes financial and banking information) in the federal System for Award Management ( This requires that the sub-award recipient review and update the information at least annually after its initial registration, or more frequently if required by changes in the recipient's information, or if other guidance is received. 

The registration must be active at the time OCL executes the grant contract.  The registration must remain active throughout the award and reporting period.

About the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA)

FFATA requires that information on federal awards (grants and contracts) be available to the public in a single searchable website, 

About the Assurances – Non-Construction Programs Form

All applicants must complete an “Assurances – Non-Construction Programs” form to apply for federal funding of non-construction projects.  It provides the federal government with your organization’s assurance that it complies with a variety of federal requirements and programs.

About Internet Safety Certification

If applicable to the grant, all LSTA award recipients must certify compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (20 U.S.C. § 9134(f)(1) et seq).

About Authorized Signatures 

Grants must be signed and dated by the chief administrative officer of the grantee. This typically means the public library director. However, if a library is owned/operated by a local political subdivision, then the person(s) who is/are authorized to sign for the entity should sign for the library grant as well. 

If the library is owned/operated by a parent agency such as a historical society or hospital, then the grant must be signed by the president or vice president, and the secretary or treasurer of the organization. 

Grants to community-based organizations and all other entities must be signed by the president or vice president, and secretary or treasurer of the organization. If only one officer signs, the requirement for a second signature may be waived so long as evidence of the person’s signature authority is provided. 

In cases where it is necessary to demonstrate or document the authority of the person who signed the grant contract, such documentation can be obtained in any one of the following four ways: 

  1. a copy of the minutes of the Board of Trustees indicating that the person was authorized to sign contracts or the specific contract in question; 
  2. a copy of Board by-laws indicating that the person was authorized to sign contracts; 
  3. a signed certification by the Secretary of the Board that either minutes or by-laws exist that authorize the signatory to sign; or 
  4. a letter signed by appropriate Board officers indicating that they ratify the signature of the individual who signed the contract. 

Contracts may be signed electronically or manually.