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​Summer Camp

Marine Biology Summer Camp: June 19 – August 14

Each Wednesday this summer from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., experience hands-on, free learning opportunities centered around sea life in the Makerspace. Campers will use AR/VR technology, 3D printing, and laboratory experiments to learn all about the ocean and sea life.

The weekly summer camp schedule is listed below:

June 19 - Introduction to Summer Camp

An introduction to the theme of Marine Biology!
An introduction to ocean conditions, meteorology and other aspects that affect the creatures and plants in the marine environment.

June 26 - Prehistoric Marine Life

A look at where it all began!
A look at where it all began: Cambrian creatures of the deep, synapsid, amphibians and marine reptiles!

July 3 - Microscopic Marine Life

A hands-on look at microscopic life!
A hands-on look at microscopic life in the freshwater environment and a comparison between freshwater and marine environments.  Find your own pet tardigrade! :)

July 10 - Shark Week

Sharks galore!
Sharks - from their ancient inception to current sharks - how they work, what they do, why they do it!

July 17 - Fishes and Reef Ecology

Examination of reef environments across the world.
We will find Nemo.

July 24 - Marine Mammals and Sea Perch

Seals, whales and otters
Seals, whales and otters, with a side of robot testing.

July 31 - Freshwater Ecology

A look at freshwater environments
A look at freshwater environments found in Central Pennsylvania and the animals and plants one is likely to find there.

August 7 - Climate Change and Evolution

Climate Change science and comparison with past extinctions
Climate change, extinctions and adaptations - a look at how animals and plants evolve when it all goes bad.  Comparisons and evidence from past and current extinctions.

August 14 - Marine Biology Wrap-Up

Last session of summer camp
We'll be wrapping up the class, with questions, activities and fun!

Summer Camp Rules

We are unable to accommodate students with allergies; these may be present in the classroom.

We will be walking to Harrisburg University and the Susquehanna River for various activities. If you are uncomfortable with your child walking to these locations, please don't register for the camp.

We are a hands-on camp and students should be willing and able to work on group projects and show respect to their fellow students. We will warn students of bad behavior and contact the parents if they don't listen. Please pick up and drop off your child within a 15-minute period before and after class. We don't have enough staff to wait with them after the classes.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at