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What's My Book Worth?

Another common question is “How can I find out what my book is worth?”  Determining the value of old and rare books can be difficult.  The value of a books depends upon several variables, including desirability, scarcity, condition, provenance (previous ownership), and whether the book is signed by its author.  One of the best Internet resources to help you understand the value of a rare book, and the characteristics that enhance its worth is the Rare books FAQ of the American Library Association’s Rare Books and Manuscripts Section. 
The only sure way to determine the value of your rare book is to have it appraised.  Why appraise your book?  You may wish to have it appraised for insurance purposes, tax purposes, or resale purposes.  Appraisals should be done by a professional appraiser or rare books dealer.  The State Library of Pennsylvania cannot provide an appraisal for your rare book, but we can help you find professional appraisers.  There are three good web resources that can help you locate an appraiser.
While the State Library does not do appraisals we do maintain a current list of Antiquarian Book Dealers (PDF).