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Digital Collections


Our mission is to preserve, digitize and provide widespread access to items of historical significance to Pennsylvania


If you are not able to access a collection please go to the AccessPA Digital Repository.


Abraham Lincoln A representative sample of items on Abraham Lincoln in the State Library's collection digitized to commemorate the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial.


Benjamin Franklin Collects Materials by and about Benjamin Franklin from the State Library collection, digitized in commemoration of his 300th birthday.


Coal Mining In Pennsylvania Read the reports of the Department of Mines, 1897-1903, 1904-1930,and a separate 1908 Bituminous Report as well as the reports of the Twin Shaft Mining Disaster Investigation (1896) and the Dar Mine Relief Effort (1907).


Fort Necessity A selection of documents on the battles of Fort Necessity and Braddock's Campaign. Originally digitized to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Necessity.


Miscellany Collection Items include the Problem of the Irish in America Speech, 1886 and the Report of Friends Association of Philadelphia for the Aid and Elevation of the Freeman, 1866, as well as others.


Pennsylvania Capital Centennial Collection Historic description and illustrated visitors' guidebooks to the State Capital Complex in Harrisburg, in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Pennsylvania Capitol Building.


Pennsylvania Documents Collection Contains historical reports of Pennsylvania State Agencies beginning in the late 1800's, including state penitentiary reports and state asylum reports.


Pennsylvania Genealogy Collection Includes the Harrisburg Newspaper Index; the Necrology Scrapbook (obituaries); Courts & Lawyers of Pennsylvania, a History, 1623-1923, and many other publications.


Pennsylvania Historical Newspapers Find more information on the State Library's collection of historic digitized Pennsylvania newspapers, as well as a list Pennsylvania newspapers that have been digitized by others.


Pennsylvania Native Americans This collection contains information about early Native American History in Pennsylvania, including the United State Indian School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania Regimental Histories Selected Pennsylvania Regimental Histories in the Civil War, with histories of Pennsylvania units from other wars to be added.


United States Civil War This collection contains more general Civil War literature and history.


World War I Digital Collection This is a collection of materials about World War I (1914-1918) from the State Library collection digitized in commemoration of the centennial of the Great War. More can be found on the State Library's Internet Archive page.

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