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Stage 2: Limited Public Services Restored

Library boards, in consultation with their library director will determine when to advance to stage 2 of the yellow phase (as staffing levels and supplies allow). Additional guidance may be issued by the commonwealth as conditions warrant.

1. Verify adequate supplies are available. Consider coordinating with nearby libraries, systems, or districts.

2. Begin to offer limited public services:
2.1. Provide pick-up service such as curbside or lobby area.
2.2. Provide mail or other third-party delivery of library materials.
2.3. Accept returns of materials.
2.4. Provide information and reference services via telephone, email, and chat.

3. Maintain required health guidelines such as:

3.1. Enforcement of social distancing (6 ft.).
3.2. Proper handwashing.
3.3. Universal masking and the handling of masks. Masks not required for individuals who cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition (including children under the age of 2 years). Documentation of such medical condition is not required.
3.4. Prohibit gatherings larger than 25 people at meetings, programs, events, etc. Gatherings of 25 or less must follow social distancing guidelines.
3.5. Cleaning of high-touch surfaces.
3.6. Safe handling of library materials.
3.7. Changes in circulation or other procedures to guard staff and patron health.
3.8. Gloves (as needed).

4. Continue and increase online programming.

5. Increase publicity to reengage and inform community about library's plans and upcoming programming.