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Red Phase

The red phase has the sole purpose of minimizing the spread of COVID-19 through strict social distancing, non-life sustaining business closures, and building safety protocols.

Red Phase Work and Congregate Setting Restrictions

  1. Library operations that provide routine, in-person library services are prohibited.
  2. Essential library personnel can visit the library to sustain facility integrity, security of collections, or continuity of operations (e.g. payroll, invoice payments, check deposits, etc.). However, essential personnel must be restricted to the absolute minimum number of people necessary and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) social distancing guidelines must be observed.
  3. Libraries may work in cooperation with local emergency management officials to provide essential services such as food distribution, blood donations, etc. In this instance, the library may remain open with essential personnel to provide these services but not for any other purpose than those listed in number two above.
  4. Telework for staff.
  5. Provide digital library materials, online programming, online reference services.
  6. Make Wi-Fi services available outside the library.
  7. Facilitate community meetings through the library's virtual meeting technology.
  8. Engage with the community on social media.
  9. Order supplies. Consider coordinating with nearby libraries, systems, or districts:

9.1. Masks.
9.2. Cleaning and disinfecting supplies.
9.3. Hand sanitizer.
9.4. Tissues.
9.5. Gloves.
9.6. Thermometers.
9.7. For more information about supplies, refer to:

9.7.1 Guidance for Businesses Permitted to Operate during the COVID-19 Disaster Emergency to Ensure the Safety and Health of Employees and the Public
9.7.2 Order of the Governor and Secretary of Health providing for business safety measures (to keep employees and customers safe).
9.7.3 Order of the Governor and Secretary of Health providing for building safety measures.
9.7.4 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes.