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Pennsylvania Libraries COVID-19 Digital Archive

Terms and Conditions

By submitting this questionnaire and any other accompanying audio-visual, written or photographic materials I acknowledge that I am 18 years of age or older and a willing participant in the Pennsylvania Public Libraries COVID-19 Digital Archive. I understand that the purpose of the project is to collect written, audio- and video-taped experiences of Pennsylvania public library users and staff that will be deposited in the permanent collections of the Digital and Rare Collections at the State Library of Pennsylvania.

I hereby grant to the State Library of Pennsylvania ownership of the digital or physical property (whether original or copies) and the right to use the property that is the product of my participation (for example, my audio or video diaries, social media postings, photographs, and written materials) as stated above. By doing so, I assert that the property (whether copies or originals) was my legal property to convey at the time of this agreement.

The deposited documentary materials will serve as a record of Public library users and staff experiences during the COVID 19 pandemic of 2020 and may be used for scholarly and educational purposes. I understand that the State Library of Pennsylvania plans to retain the product of my participation as part of its permanent Digital and Rare collections and that the materials may be used for exhibition, publication, presentation on the World Wide Web and successor technologies, and for promotion of the State Library of Pennsylvania and its activities in any medium. By granting copyright permission to promote and make this material available to the public, I attest that I am the creator and copyright holder of this material and that this material does not violate any confidentiality, privacy, security or other laws, or the rights of a third party.

Note: If there are other, third-party participants featured in, or co-creators of your material, please have them contact

By giving permission, I understand that I do not give up any other copyright or performance rights that I may hold, and unless otherwise designated, I agree that the Library may use my name, video or photographic image or likeness, statements, written materials, and voice reproduction, or other sound effects without further approval on my part. I also understand that the State Library reserves the right to redact, or not use or make material available that may be offensive, irrelevant, violates third party privacy, or is the intellectual or personal property of a third party.

I release the State Library of Pennsylvania, and its assignees and designees, from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of such recordings, documents, and artifacts, including but not limited to, any claims for defamation, invasion of privacy, or right of publicity.