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State Library of Pennsylvania Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The State Library of Pennsylvania is committed to supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion within the communities we represent and serve. To that end, the Library seeks to:

  • Advance the well-being of all our community members by maintaining inclusive, safe, and welcoming spaces and by providing resources, services, and programs that promote and reflect diversity, inclusion, justice, and wellness.

  • Provide ongoing training and support for all library staff in developing cultural competencies and understanding of unjust structures that prolong barriers to our services.

  • Use our strengths as both a law library and government document repository to inform and guide a public that often has difficulty navigating the channels of state and federal government in relation to policy and law.

  • Maintain strong relationships within our local and state communities, especially with underrepresented marginalized groups and programs, listening and learning from their perspectives, and supporting their goals.

  • Be a leader within the library and archives communities to advocate for broader adoption and implementation of measures striving for equity, diversity, and inclusion.